“A whopping 90% of all insects survive winter months!”

“If you don’t see them, they aren’t there”

Hidden in the basement, under the couch, in the pantry, in the dirty clothes pile, and in the dark, less visited areas of your home, are up to 100 different kinds insects according to Business Insider.  Don’t be fooled by their covert tactics! Pests are extremely introverted and tend to only come out if they are disturbed or if they are hungry or thirsty.

“Only dirty homes need a pest service”

Even the Ritz Carlton has pesky insects and rodents. While a clean home does deter insects and rodents from setting up camp and inviting their friends over, it does not automatically guarantee a free pass to a pest-free home.  In fact, even the “cleanest” of environments such as doctor’s offices, ER and operating rooms, and your favorite restaurants faithfully rely on pest control services each month.  Pests are everywhere – the key is prevention instead of retaliation.

“DIY is safer and cheaper”

Cheaper is not always better.  While generic pest control products purchased at your local home improvement store claim to be the “fix all” solution to your daily pest problems, they are not telling you the health risks associated with using them as well as the amount of money you will overpay to only have the same pests return day after day.  The average consumer and homeowner misuses pest control products in ways such as overuse in locations that pests are not in, contaminating countertops, clouding the air your family breathes, poisoning food and water sources for your pets, and so much more! In fact, 98% of pesticide related health crisis occurs when homeowners accidentally misuse the products they have purchased without taking proper precautions.  Professional pest control services offer a safe, effective and efficient use of time and products to eradicate even the most resilient pests all while keeping your family safe.

“Bugs Don’t Live in the City”

The more people there are, the more pests there will be.  This is a fact that makes us cringe, no doubt.  Residential areas such as a subdivisions, apartment homes, condos, and even town homes are oftentimes the worst off in a pest crisis.  The sheer amount of waste/trash and clutter that hundreds of thousands of people produce is only a fraction of the population of lurking pests in and around the residential areas.

“Our family cat takes care of bugs and mice”

While Garfield and Tom put up an entertaining fight against pests in film, unfortunately your family house cat is not going to solve your insect and rodent problem.  In fact, cats are more fascinated with rodents and insects than they are enthralled in devouring them for dinner.  Most families feed their family pets, and when your kitty has a full belly, he tends to not care as much about hunting the pests running rampant in your home.

“Mice cannot Resist Cheese”

Snap! There went another unsuccessful mouse trap.  After the buyer’s remorse wears off, it is time to think seriously about upping your extermination game.  Surprisingly enough, cheese is not at the top of the food pyramid for mice.  In fact, mice go absolutely bonkers for fruits, grains, and tougher, more brittle foods.  Now it isn’t so surprising when you notice the cheese you sat out on all five mouse traps has mold growing on it.

“Quality Pest Control is Way Overpriced”

Quality pest control is not out of reach! When searching for a pest control service, it is essential to check out the company’s reputation and reviews.  There are some mediocre services that mask your pest problems, but never fully conquer and eradicate the real issue.  Just as you budget for lawn care, housekeeping, and monthly bills, it is as simple as committing to a reputable company that you can trust to monthly protect your home from pests of all kinds.

“I hope we get a cold winter”

For years, you have heard the myth that the colder the winter, the fewer pests you will have next Spring. If the pests survived the ice age, pretty sure they can survive a Tennessee winter. Most insects and rodents become dormant during colder months, but they are back at it as soon as warm weather returns.  In fact, a whopping 90% of all insects survive winter months! They hang out in the attic, basement, closets, and other less traveled areas in your home where the warmth still reaches but where they can still stay out of sight and “out of mind” until Spring.  Consider treating and protecting your home in the winter and jump starting a pest-free Spring!

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