7 Mosquito Facts You Don’t Know

Only Female Mosquitoes Bite

While most mosquitoes you will find buzzing around your neighborhood prefer to feed on plant nectar, the females actually drink blood. A female mosquito seeks out blood to build up proteins in her body before laying her eggs a couple days later.

Mosquitoes Can Drink Up To 3X Their Body Weight In Blood

Mosquitoes can hold their own in a food-eating contest. They don’t weight very much but they can consume up to 3X their body weight in nectar or blood. Yikes!

Mosquitoes Spend Their 1st 1o Days In Water

Turns out that the old wives tale that mosquitoes hang out around the water is true. They prefer to live around ponds, lakes, or other bodies of stagnant or non-moving water. In fact, mosquitoes spend their 1st 10 days on this planet in the water! Grab the mosquito repellent next time you’re out on the lake or fishing in the local pond.

Mosquitoes Only Live About 2 Months

What would you do if you could only live for 60 days. . . Live it up, right? Well that is what mosquitoes do while they buzz around creating havoc with the human population. Don’t underestimate their lifespan for their impact they have while they’re here.

Mosquitoes Can Smell Human Breath

Do you have bad breath? Well, to mosquitoes, any smelling breath smells like a freshly glazed, warm, straight out of the oven donut with sprinkles on top. As soon as they get a sniff of your breath, they are locked in and headed your way. It doesn’t make things better for you if you have been consuming sodas or alcohol. To mosquitoes, the sweeter, the better.

Mosquitoes Have Been Around Since The Dinosaurs

Yes, mosquitoes are resilient little guys and gals. They were probably bothering the T-Rex and the Velociraptor as well back in the Jurassic Period.  That makes them approximately 210 million years old!

Bat’s Don’t Prefer To Eat Mosquitoes

More than likely, you have heard it said that bats are good to have around because they eat lots of mosquitoes. Well, bats do in fact eat mosquitoes, but not very many. In fact, mosquitoes account for about 1-2% of a bat’s diet. So quit relying on bat’s to take care of your mosquito problem. They don’t really like them any more than you do.

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