11 Termite Facts That Will Shock You!

You may have heard that termites are a real threat to your home. That could not be more true! Termites are silent yet devastating little creatures. Here are a few pretty terrifying facts about termites that you probably don’t know.

  1. Termites do 5 billion dollars in damage to American homes each year!
    Many homeowners assume that their builder or the previous owner has protected their home against termites, so they don’t have to worry about it. Tens of thousands of homeowners just last year discovered that they had a termite problem and were completely surprised!
  2.  In the South East United States, there are 3-5 termite colonies per acre of ground. Whether your home is located in the city, the suburbs, or the country, termites are very close. 
  3. The majority of termites stay in their underground colony. Termites send only 10-20% of their workers out to forage for food. These workers go out, find the wood, and bring it back to the other termites.
  4. How do termites digest wood? Termites are able to digest the cellulose that wood contains because of a microbe that is found in the their gut. Without this microbe termites would starve to death.
  5. A termite queen can lay 30,000 eggs per day. At this rate, a small colony can become a huge colony very quickly!
  6. A mature termite colony can do severe damage to a home in as little as 6 months.
    Due to their huge population, they can do significant damage …quickly!
  7. Termites are adapted to living under ground. Their bodies are very moist and delicate. Exposure to sunlight or dry air will kill them within minutes. They must stay concealed in a controlled environment.
  8. Termites are actively feeding all year long. The reproductive caste of the colony (swarmers or alates) swarm from March to June each year. This gives people the belief that termites are only active during this period.
  9. Termite damage is NOT covered by homeowner’s insurance policies! Termite damage is so common and expensive that insurance companies exclude this coverage.
  10. Termites love to eat paper! Termites love paper because it is easier to digest that wood. They will eat stored books, magazines and even baseball cards. They will even eat the paper coating off sheetrock, leaving behind the gypsum and a thin layer of paint.
  11. Termite are constantly foraging for food! If your home is not protected, termites could find it at any time and move in!

Is it time for your house to be inspected or treated for termites? Be proactive going forward in protecting your home from devastating termite damage. Give Volunteer Rid-A-Pest in Cleveland, TN a call today!

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