5 Simple Tricks For Keeping Away Fall Pests

The beginning of school always signals that the end of summer is coming, which isn’t always bad. Cooler weather, sweatshirts, bonfires, and football games are actually some great reasons to look ahead to the Autumn months. Unfortunately, if you’re not careful, failing to prepare your home for the fall and winter months can result in big problems down the line.


The next 3 months, starting from now up until the first frost, is the time when insect populations hit their peak, and spiders reach their maximum sizes! At this point, pests begin to look for a place to hide out during the winter. At this point, pests begin searching for a warm, sheltered spot to spend the winter (this is typically in a wall void, under a crawl space, or in an attic). But don’t worry, there’s more than a few ways to cut down the likelihood of a pest infestation in the coming months.


Keep Your Lawn & Gutter Free Of Excess Leaves & Shrubbery


This may seem simple, but it’s one of the most important things you can do to prevent a pest infestation. Critters love hiding out in piles of leaves, especially when they’re right next to a big warm structure like your home.


Stockpile Your Firewood Away from the House


Just like with leaves, stacked firewood can be a very welcoming environment to pests and insects. A large woodpile stacked neatly against a house is basically a dream home for most bugs and small animals. Keep your firewood stacked at least a couple of yards away from your house, and make sure to check it periodically for infestations this fall and winter.


Inspect Decoration Boxes


If you store your holiday decoration boxes in an outdoor garage or shed area, it might be a good idea to do a quick check through those tubs for stowaways. You never know if a family of mice have been cuddled up next to Rudolph all summer. Yikes!


Don’t Keep Garbage Cans Next to the House


By now it’s obvious that pests love finding hideouts and places to stow away from the chilly air. Garbage cans not only provide pests with an opportunity for shelter, but also for a source of food. This is why the trash is a five star destination for most critters! Try to find a secure and enclosed area to keep your outdoor garbage cans, but if you can’t find that, work on making sure the lids are always sealed tight to keep insect intruders away this fall.


Eliminate A Problem Immediately


Lastly, the most important way to prepare your home for a pest-free winter and upcoming spring season is to make sure that you don’t already have any pest issues in the first place. If left to their own devices, mice and insects will create sustainable nests in the walls and ceiling of your homes before winter even begins! Given enough time, these guys can be extremely difficult to eliminate. If you do discover a pest issue, try these few helpful tips as the fall season approaches. It may be time to give Volunteer Rid-A-Pest a call and inquire about a FREE 58 point inspection! We guarantee our services! If you aren’t 100% happy, you won’t pay a penny! Give us a call today!

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