Why You May See More Mice This Fall

The population of mice has been steadily growing all spring and summer. Now that cooler nights are approaching, they are looking for a warm place to spend the winter. Mice contaminate food sources by feeding and leaving droppings and urine behind. Gross!

Moreover, their teeth grow constantly, so they have to gnaw to keep them worn down to a certain length. Mice can gnaw on electric wires causing power outages and even devastating fires. They also will gnaw on plumbing pipes, causing leaks. Do it yourself rodent control is risky. Many poison baits, if not properly placed, are a hazard to young children and pets. Many times the mice may eat the bait and then crawl into a wall void and die. This will create an offensive odor for a week or more. Yuck!

The most effective way to eliminate or prevent a rodent problem is exclusion. Exclusion is simply blocking their entry into the structure permanently.  Permanently sealing holes and openings in your home’s foundation and other areas is the best bet to keep mice out. Expanding foam is not effective because the rodents will easily gnaw through it. Copper mesh, steel screen and concrete are the most effective materials to seal these openings.

Be proactive this season and prevent mice from moving into your home from the beginning. Give our team of pest control experts a call today or visit our website at www.volpest.com.
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