5 Ways To Pest-Proof Your Home This Fall

1. Fill In Crevices Along Windows & Doors

As the temperatures drop outside, pests are going to do their best to find a way inside your warm and toasty home. If you have been noticing ladybugs, ants, spiders, roaches or just about any other pest creeping around your home this fall, it could be because your windows or doors are not sealed properly. If there is a small crevice around a window or if the screen on your front door has a tear in it, pests in the area invite themselves in without warning.

A good rule of thumb is to do a regular maintenance check around your home to ensure that your windows and doors are sealed correctly to avoid pests making themselves at home in your home this fall.

2. Put The Pet Food Up

If you have a pet or even a full family of fur children, you may find yourself leaving food dishes out around the house for them to enjoy their food throughout the day. Unfortunately, leaving excess food and water out during the day may lead to more pests “bugging” you this fall. Pests are attracted to pet food that is left out and not securely contained anytime of the year, but especially in the fall when they’re already seeking shelter in your home from the colder weather.

A good way to eliminate the opportunity for pests to take up residence close to your pet food is to purchase a plastic bin or container that securely closes. If the pests can’t get in, they won’t invite all of their family and friends back for a feast.

3. Check Decoration Boxes Before Bringing Them Inside

Tis the season for decorating! Christmas trees, mantles, string lights, and more! When you’re pulling out your boxes or bins of Christmas decorations this season, be sure to look carefully for nests or the appearance of pest remains. Mice are especially bad about hiding in boxes that are not frequently moved. The last thing you want to do when you open your Christmas tree box in your living room is to find a mouse or a spider staring back at you!

So this year, instead of opening all of your decoration boxes in your living room, try to open them and look through them in your garage or on your driveway if the weather permits. If there does happen to be some pests hanging out with Rudolph, you can make sure they don’t get inside your home for the festivities.

4. Keep Kitchen Counters Clean

Lots of entertaining happens this time of year. Cakes are baked. Football games are watched. Chips and salsa are spilled. Food gets left out on the counter when schedules get busy. The trash doesn’t get taken out as often when the temperatures are cooler. At the end of the day, there is a lot of excess food hanging around inside your home that isn’t usually left out any other time of the year.¬†Pests seem to have a food radar! If you have any leftover Oreos, BBQ chips, or chocolate cake sitting out on your counter, chances are you will have pests digging in very soon.

An easy way to help deter pests from eating your leftovers is to use tightly sealed food containers to stow away those awesome midnight snacks. Zip-lock bags and Tupperware are great options that also promote organization in pantries and refrigerators.

5. Contact An Expert

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