3 DIY Ways To Keep Mice Out

It’s almost winter! You know what that means. All kinds of critters are going to be searching out a warm place to get in out of the cold weather. There is nothing worse than having family and friends over to your home during the holidays and worrying about them and a mouse running into each other during their stay. Make sure that your home isn’t a mouse’s favorite hangout spot this winter by using these three DIY ways to keep mice out all winter long.

1. Store Feed & Seed In Sealed Containers

If you have pet food or bird seed sitting out in or around your home, you might as well be sending a personal invitation to the mice in the area to come on inside for the winter. Mice love warm and cozy homes, and they especially like a free buffet of food! A good rule of thumb is to keep all food or seed in a tightly sealed container that stays off of the ground.

You are not out of the danger zone for inviting mice inside even if you put the dog food or bird seed in your garage or around the exterior of your home. In fact, mice won’t be the only ones lingering around the food or seed outside your home. You may find all kinds of bugs and insects that somehow always find a way to catch a ride inside your home by way of you or your pet.

2. Inspect Garage Door For Cracks

Garages are cold during the winter. However, most garages offer a dry and warm place to nestle down for mice in comparison to the conditions outside. You may have totes or boxes in your garage which you use for storage. These little nooks and crannies are the ideal spot for mice to hunker down for the winter.

A good way to help deter mice from hiding out in your garage and inside of your stored belongings all winter long is to closely check the garage door to ensure that it seals correctly. Also, check all windows and crevices along the walls of your garage. Mice have a sneaky way of getting into even the tiniest of holes. Another good idea to help with keeping mice out of your stuff this winter is to go through your stored boxes and totes and organize your garage as neatly as possible. The fewer hideouts possible for mice, the better!

3. Inspect Crawlspace Or Basement

A good idea to help keep these little pests out of your home this winter is to inspect your basement or crawl space to look for openings in the foundation wall or around pipes and wires that enter the living space. This is the primary way rodents enter homes. These need to be sealed with both copper mesh and expanding foam.  If you use expanding foam only, the rodents will gnaw through it.  Rodents will not gnaw through copper mesh!

Take time early this winter to make sure that your home is mouse-proof! Be proactive and try these three DIY methods to keep these pests from ruining your holiday season. If you have any questions or concerns, never hesitate to give us a call!

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