3 Pest Control FAQs

Do you have questions about pest control that you want answered? Here are three frequently asked questions that may be just what you’re looking for! Whether you have a brand new home and don’t know if you need pest control treatments or if you’re unsure about how safe indoor treatments are, these answers should help!


Q: Is pest control required for new homes?


A: Pest control treatment is not required by any code or regulation. However, it is a great idea! While a home is under construction, it is wide open and very inviting to pests in the area. Until the very end of the construction process, there are many cracks, open windows, open doors, missing siding, and other ways for insects to enter and begin breeding. Also, the construction workers are eating and dropping crumbs, garbage, and spilling sugary drinks that will attract insects. It is a great idea to have your new home treated BEFORE you move in to make sure that the only family living in your home is yours!

Q: How often should pest control be performed?

A: How many pests do you want to see? This may seem like a silly question, but there are two ways to approach pest control – pro-actively or re-actively.

Pro-active pest control requires treating on a quarterly basis to prevent any pest problem. Quarterly service is required since the material used lasts for 90 days. Just as the previous treatment begins to breakdown, we return and treat again. By treating on a systematic, quarterly basis we can create a barrier around your home to keep the bugs out. Furthermore, by treating on a regular basis, over time we will reduce the overall pest population so there will be fewer bugs trying to get in.


Re-active pest control is waiting until you have problem, then treating. It typically takes more material, more time, and the homeowner usually has to put up with the problem for a period of time until all nesting/breeding sites inside the home can be found and eliminated.


Q: Do I have to leave my house for a pest control treatment?


A: With our companyNO.” Unless you or a family member has a diagnosed respiratory problem, you can remain in your home while we treat your home’s interior and exterior. We carefully research all the material we use, and only use products we feel are safe for our customers and our employees. For interior treatment, we only use very safe, odorless material, and only perform crack and crevice injection treatments. By doing so, no one in your family will be exposed to or come into contact with our material…only the bugs! Our goal is for us to leave no sign indicating that we have serviced your home other than the absence of insects and mice.

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