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7 Mosquito Facts You Don’t Know


Only Female Mosquitoes Bite While most mosquitoes you will find buzzing around your neighborhood prefer to feed on plant nectar, the females actually drink blood. A female mosquito seeks out blood to build up proteins in her body before laying her eggs a couple days later. Mosquitoes Can Drink Up To 3X Their Body Weight…

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CDC Concerned About Tick Infestation


Summer has officially kicked off in Southeast Tennessee. More daylight hours means more time spent outside. Summer is fun, no doubt. However, this year, the threat of ticks in Tennessee is higher than it has been in nearly a decade. The CDC is on high alert for much of the South as the warmer winter…

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Dirty Little Secrets of Termite and Pest Control

Dirty Little Secret #1: All termite treatments are not the same! 
There a literally hundreds of products available to pest control operators that are labeled for the control of termites. Unfortunately, they all can have very different residual life spans. In other words, some don’t last very long! Typically, the termiticides that don’t last very…

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Top 3 Pests That Will Make Your Skin Crawl This May

We have officially entered Spring in the Tennessee valley! The colors are beautiful and the warmer temperatures beg us to spend time outside. Now that Spring is in overdrive, the pests are also! If you have been outside at all this season, you will have noticed that the bugs and pests are back at it…

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A Mosquito Solution You’ll Smack Yourself Over

“Target Located” Have you ever had one of those days where it seems like every mosquito in the neighborhood is picking on just you? It’s even worse when you’re the only one of your friends getting bitten. So why does this happen? Well, there’s actually a lot of science involved with a mosquito’s decision to…

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Rats Bring New Virus To Tennessee

The 2018 flu virus is currently worse than its been in years, and is claiming more than 4,000 American lives a week according to a recent study. When you thought things couldn’t get worse, reports of a brand new contagion make the flu seem far less terrifying in comparison. Tennessee is home to the first…

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Silverfish Infest Tennessee Homes

When most people think of pest control, they probably visualize men in protective suits using various treatment products and traps in and around a home. But did you know that a substantial part of pest control involves reducing or removing particular environmental conditions in a home? The fact is, these “conducive conditions” are elements such…

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4 Pests That Are Trying To Get Into Your Home This Winter

While we usually regard summer as peak season for annoying pests and insects, there are a number of terrifying critters that thrive during the coldest times of the year. In fact, during the winter, these pests are even more likely to seek out the warmth and shelter of your home. Here are four vermin that…

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Flesh Eating Ladybugs Are Actually A Thing

Earlier this winter, millions of biting ladybugs began to infiltrate homes in North America, keeping Pest Control Technicians busy. While we usually think of ladybugs as cute, harmless creatures, a particularly nasty breed has consistently become much more common in the past few months. ​According to entomologist Christopher Buddle, this new species is called the…

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