Rodent Control


Rodents can find an entry point into just about any structure. They can squeeze into a hole about the size of a dime. They can also gnaw to make the opening larger. Rodents feces and urine can contaminate the area and can cause allergic reactions and sickness. They can also contaminate stored food causing illness.

We eliminate the rodents by inspecting your structure to find possible entry points. We will fill out an Exclusion Action Plan. This form will detail all of the possible entry points found and the cost of repairing them. The homeowner will have the option of making the repairs themselves or allowing us to do so.

Once these repairs are made no more rodents can enter the home.

This is the permanent solution.

We then place traps inside the structure to catch any still inside the structure and place bait stations around the exterior to eliminate any rodent s they may try to enter. Once all of the rodent activity has been stopped, we can continue to place and inspect the traps to assure the problem is completely resolved.

Our methods has proven to be the most effective way to have a rodent -free home.

Did you know?

Mice can do considerable damage by gnawing on electrical wires. This can result in lost power, inconvenience, expensive repairs and/or possible fires.